Out of range callback address

I am intermittently getting the error below from my application:

Out of range callback address (ARM Prefetch Abort caught at EA07B104, Current Task 0x20 by CP15 )
Unknown function (ea07b104)
Unknown function (67a59)
Unknown function (13a9)
Unknown function (55555555)

Call Stack:
Thread [0] (Suspended : Signal : SIGILL:Illegal instruction)
adlint_irqGenericHighLevelHandler() at 0x262136

Module: GL6100
FW: 7.47.0
DS: 2.3.1

My application has a DTMF input stream as well as a PCM audio output stream. The problem seems to happen after the high level DTMF interrupt handler has been called (it is called from the low level interrupt is a viable DTMF input is detected). I’m not sure if it happens during the handler or after it has exited. I would really appreciate some help with this one. I can use the debugger, but I feel like I just don’t know where exactly to look to determine what is causing the problem.

That’s true that the debugger may not be really helpful here, since it can’t be used in interrupt execution contexts.

Anyway, this (tooling dedicated) area of the forum sounds not to be the right place to ask your question; you should ask in Operating System area, and anyhow also get in touch with your distributor.


Thanks, I’ve moved the topic over there.