OTG mode fro wp76xx



I build new yocto image how can i burn it ? how i start in OTG mode?
in the case of new module how can i burn new wp76 module ? linux + uboot
do you have a manual for it?


You can use Developer Studio to download to module. (Device -> flash firmware from external file)
Or you can use SCP command to transfer the file to module file system, and then use fwupdate command to update the firmware.



the new modules comes with uboot + linux or only uboot?


you can try to power on it and see if you can boot into linux console.



how can i use fwupdate need i run FTP/TFTP server on pc site?
whats swicwe what is the difference?
how can i connect it to pc? and ping ecm0 interface


You can use scp command to transfer cwe file to module via IP address which is usb ecm interface .


i dont see network interface on PC side?
i have installed required driver!
what i did wrong?


You can check
At! entercnd=“A710”
At! usbcomp?
Then you can see if you enabled the ecm port.


my pc is windows 10
At! entercnd=“A710” at which side?
mango red card connected to pc via usb hub
in device manager i see
Seirra Modem in mode devices
Sierra Wireless Dm port and NMEA port in ports.
it is usb composite device but dont see network interface on windows 10
may problem in jumpers?


You can enter AT command at Modem port


just starting to work with the SOM
please can you explain to connect the Window 10 pc to the SOM wp76 via
Ethernet over usb connection?


you can try to set the IP address of Windows in the ECM interface to be
And then try if you can ping the module IP address



what is ECM interface is it mediatek wifi?


of course not.
ECM interface is from the USB of the module.


problem i dont have interface on windows to ping
i work with mango red
may problem is driver on windows side?


can i change the kernel via swiflash app?


Do you see any network interface in device manager?
Swiflash is a recovery tool that can be used if the device is not booting anymore, so not for normal download.


i found the problem checkpoint vpn installed on my computer made the problem for Sierra windows driver and
it was the reason it not shown up in device manager / network Sierra Wireless EthLink ECM
after vpn remove i have interface
by the way how it got IP from the mango ?
is new wp76 comes burned already?


i copy image to the root and try to download it and it fails
why? pls. see below
root@swi-mdm9x28:~# fwupdate download yocto_wp76xx.4k.cwe
Connecting to service …
Connecting to service …
Download started …
Error in download


I think so, you can check the firmware in console