Option for AT+CGATT=1

Hi anyone,

I have based my application on the HTTP Server sample project that uses DTL services only to make an IP connection but uses eDLib socket functions.

Is there any function option for the AT+CGATT=1 command? Cause I’m already using the UART for another thing.

Opent AT V3.10
Target Q2501B
Firmware 6.55

Hi lfelipeff,

I don’t understand your question… The command attaches the module to the GPRS network, so you don’t need the UART for communication, and you may send the command from your application so you don’t need the UART to enter the command…

So the UART is available for whatever you are already using it…

But there is a way that you do not need this command at all!

Please see: http://www.wavecom.com/modules/movie/scenes/forums/viewtopic.php?t=149&start=30 (look for AT+WGPRS=0,0)

Best Regards,