OpenVPN on the WMP100?

I’ve been given something of an interesting challenge, and I’ve spent the whole day searching, to no avail.

I have a customer that has a bunch of old EDMI modems (EWM100 models) that they want to use on an OpenVPN network. I’ve gotten as far as figuring out it’s using a WMP100 module, and the firmware looks a few years out of date.

Is it possible to somehow update this device so that it can be configured for VPN usage? Or is that only available on the newer AirLink devices?


Since it is a WMP100 it is 2G only,this is not in itself able to run VPN software itself in Open AT (it can run SSL at a push), technically you will be able to run a VPN if you are using an external IP stack/VPN client but the overall performance is going to be severely restricted by the fact it is 2G only. The latest firmware for these units is R7.47.7 which is a few years old.



Ahhh, bugger. I thought it might be something like that. When I poked around the meter for the first time, I saw the assembly date was 2001/17 :laughing:

Ok so realistically, to run a VPN you’d need 3G on the modem, I’m assuming? I’m also assuming that any AirLink device manufactured in the last two years will support that.

With regards bearer I would say yes 3G is a minimum, that’s not to say it is impossible, it will just be really really slow and you run the risk of this timing out.

I am not an expert on the EDMI devices but we do make 2G only devices because of price and it is all that is required i.e. meters do not send much and just need basic connectivity. Basically check the specs of the device but I would say yes 3G will be a minimum that we support in the RTU products.



That’s really helpful, thanks! At the very least it saves me from the frustration of not getting it to work :slight_smile: