OpenAT Program download issue on M1306B


I’m trying to download software which was written for the Supreme on the M1306B. It was recompiled with OpenAt 3.14.04, Firmware 657e with WIP 3.00.1030.

Firmware on the M1306B:
657c09gg.Q2406B 1956992 042407 11:29
+WOPEN: 2,“AT v03.12”,“AT v03.14”

The problem is the download stops halfway.
as follows:
+WDWL: 0


I’m using hardware flow control; tried baudrates 4800, 9600, 115200 … any suggestion to get around this? my distributor says I shouldn’t have any problems and asked me to check if any OpenAT programmes are running …



So please any suggestion would be helpful.



Surely something wrong there?! :open_mouth:

The two version numbers should be the same

Thanks … I think I need to contact my distributor … they gave me the firmware …


Even if the OpenAT versions are different, the download should not stop in the middle like that. If it should stop somewhere it’s at the very start of the download.

Hi Gregory,

There are several things to check:

  • Have you downloaded the dwl.dwl provided with the 6.57c?
  • The OS compatible with 6.57c is 3.13 and not 3.14, so you need to use 6.57e or compile your application with OS3.13.
  • You said that te application has been written for the Supreme. Have you ported it to OS3.13? (wm_CustomStack to modify for example…)

Well, my distributor didn’t give me the dwl.dwl file … nor instructions about it.

hmmm … I’ll have to make sure they give me 657e (there are a lot of firmware files with 3.14 OpenAT, all 657e, but I’m not sure which one to download).

And yes, i have a #ifdef for the different stack declaration … my software works in RTE mode on the 3.14, as well as 4.22a, and burned into a Fasttrack Supreme 10).

Thanks for all the help,