Open AT Project Wizard problem

I’ve just downloaded and installed Open AT Software Suite v2.02, and installed it on a brand new installation of Windows XP SP3 - No previous Cygwin installs. The installation goes smoothly, Cygwin appears to be installed correctly, registry entries for it are created etc.

Using the Open AT Project Wizard I leave all the default path settings, and just create a new project using Eclipse for the IDE, I get the following:

The command prompt briefly appears, showing:
Loading Open AT IDE…
./ line 124: cat: command not found
./ line 124: sed: command not found
./ line 125: sed: command not found

Then the command prompt closes and an error box pops up showing:
Unable to load Open AT IDE
Cygwin version mismatch detected.
Please update the Cygwin configuration in the Open AT IDE settings, in order to use the version installed on your system rather than the Open AT IDE Embedded one.

Any ideas as to what’s happening here? It’s a brand new XP install so I’m lost as to what other Cygwin installation it’s referring to…