Open AT APL Event Queue caused exception and Q2686 Reset

Hi, All:

I modified the APL meter sample to run under mutitask mode and downloaded to Q2686G, but it keep caused exception and reset the  Q2686G. I finaly featured out it caused by Event Queue  .
static void task_test1_tmrcallback(void* context)
    u32 check = (u32)context;
    trc_dprint(TRC_GEN, "task_test1 timer");
    tmr_set_callback(TMR_TEST1, task_test1_tmrcallback, (void*)(!check));
    tmr_rltmr_reload_withtime(TMR_TEST1,check ? 1000 : 2000);
    evt_add(TASKID_TEST1,EVT_TEST1,EVT_OPT_NONE,task_test1_evt_callback,NULL);   [b]// this line caused exception[/b]}

when I comment out the line "evt_add " in “task_test1.c” and “task_test2.c” , the sample run normal. the evt_add was declared in “apl_event_queue.h”, and have no source code and document. I can’t feagure out why it keep cause the exception and reset.

Anyone know how to solve this issue ?

Another question, any one have the APL source code and detail usage documents ? I can’t find out anywhere in the devkits.



You mean ADL source code?
If you have installed the SDK you will find the required documents in the location where you have installed it.
For example if you have installed it in the C:drive check the following path
C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\Embedded Software\com.wavecom.openat.ide.spm.lib.os.model.\resources

I think he may be referring to the “Application Library interfaces (APP-LIB)” - see WA_DEV_WMMP_UGD_001 (in the v2.35 SW Suite)

This document does refer to a “meter example”, and does mention “apl_event_queue.h”

Other than that, I have no idea what this is about! :confused: