Octave unexplained message burst

In a long running soak test, the S&F period is set to 12 hours (43200s).
A single polling period is enabled for cell signal and is also set to (very nearly) 12 hours (43195s).
Each measurement captures 12 data points.
Two messages per day are expected (12 hours apart) and normally generated as expected.

However, on 07/06 an unexplained event occurred which resulted in a burst of 12 unexpected messages.

The event occurred between:
Jul 6, 2022 02:18:31 GMT-7
Jul 6, 2022 02:23:37 GMT-7

Messages from the stream impacted and the syslogs for the time period were captured and attached.

Can an explanation be provided?


unexplained_event__syslog.txt (26.3 KB)
unexplained_msg_event_070622_0220__from_GUI.txt (4.3 KB)
unexplained_msg_event_070622_0220__from_last1k.txt (7.8 KB)

Hi Dave,

I would like to look at this from the network view as well. Could you private email me you device ICCID?

Hi David.
It looks like the issue occurred again on 07/07 generating 10 messages this time at: Jul 7, 2022 01:37:43 GMT-7

Any analysis from Sierra available for this issue? I will need to be able to explain these messages.

These occurrences continue to occur sporadically. The latest occurrences were:

072922 - 5 extra messages at 00:30:57
073022 - 9 extra messages at 03:24:53
080422 - 12 extra messages total at two different times: 00:50:49 and 01:21:50

In all cases the Connector shows 100% successful delivery. These unexpected messages have implications for installations with tight messaging budgets.

These unexplained messages continue to occur sporadically. The latest occurrences were:
08/26/22 10 unexplained messages - 00:45:51 to 00:50:26

It would be helpful to be able to explain this phenomena.