Octave 3.2.1 - edge device - detect system power on and system boot

What methods can I use to detect the following events?

  • System power on
  • System boot

Hi johnofleek,

I just have a concern that where you get Octave firmware 3.2.1. As I know, the official one is 3.2.0


Hi Vianney

Can you describe your concern? 3.2.1 is a minor bug fix version. The question also applies to 3.2.0 and probably also 3.1.0

The question is connected with the functionality of Octave edge system (I have changed the heading to reflect this).

It would be useful in the edge system to have a resource value / observable event which records at least the following Linux boot causes

  • System boot (reboot after POR)
  • System power on
  • System power on due to ULPM exit (with cause (ADC, Timer, IO)).
  • Anything else that causes a Linux boot that I didn’t think of :slight_smile:

For interest here is a screen grab of 3.2.1