OAT 3.12 Project Wizard - Problem with SVN (Version Control)

I am using Subversion (SVN) version control:
subversion.tigris.org/ (seems to be broken at the moment)

This works by creating a .svn subfolder in each folder containing controlled files

I have the .mak files, etc, under version control so that a complete Project can be checked-out and built without having to re-run the Project Wizard.

Therefore, there is a .svn subfolder in my gcc\mak folder.

This all worked fine with with OAT v3.03 :smiley:

But, now that I’ve “upgraded” i [/i]to v3.12, it no longer works :frowning:

The OAT v3.12 Project Wizard deletes the .svn subfolder from gcc\mak :angry:

Is there any way around this?