Novice questions

We are using Assembly language to power the Q24 plus series. We’ve made 15 such boxes for the purpose of Wireless Telemetry. Recently we’ve received one Q2686H sample from a Wavecom distributor. We are planning to build another 15 such devices based on this Q2686H module. Now what i wanted to know is:

(a) Is Assembly language enough for this module :question: (we are using PIC uCs).
(b) What would be added advantage to us (as Manufacturer/Developer) using the Open AT Software compared to Assembly :question:

PS: somehow am not so happy for not using C language.

Please share your inputs :slight_smile:



When using an external microcontroller, what language and tools you choose to program it is entirely irrelevant to the module!

Assembler gives you direct acces to every single instruction that the processor is capable of executing - so, if it can’t be done in assembler, then it can’t be done at all.

However, communicating with a modem - any modem - will require a lot of string processing; and that will certainly be a lot easier to program in a High-Level Language (HLL); eg, ‘C’.

In the best case, you wouldn’t need the external microcontroller at all;

Even if you do still need it, by putting some (maybe most?) of the code into the Q24, you could use a smaller and, therfore, cheaper microcontroller.

You seem to have a double negative there - what do you actually mean?

You really should be speaking to your distributor about these things - that’s what they’re there for!