Wavecom OpenAT need's ARM Compiler to work on Q2400 series


Hi All,

   Currently i am working on Wavecom OpenAT V3.12 using Q2400 series.

Any budy please clarify my doubt: Is to work on Q2400 series i have to install the ARM compiler.



Hi ariseramesh,

of course you need an ARM compiler since there is an ARM processor in the module. OpenAT V3.12 includes a cross compiler for ARM (which is gcc). So if you install everything you’ll be fine and ready to develop your application.

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Hi All,

     I am using Q2400 Wavecom Module. I had interfaced external counters for keyboard GPIO's. Is it possible?

can we use ARM processor internal hardware counters for my application in Q2400 series (for counting externel pulses?)

If any one has come across such issue please reply