Not able to connect to the network and see GPS is working or not


How about just dmesg to find out the port

dmesg.txt (80.6 KB)
i think i could find it, attached the output

But it works with Putty COM4

but ping works

then it seems your linux or the usb port of linux has problem

if ping works that mean Linux can recognize the CF3 module via the USB port, right? Then is able to know which USB port it is pinging? It is not the problem with my PC, right?

There are two USB ports, one is the USB interface of the module, another one is the UART console.
You are connecting the USB interface, that is why you can ping the PC.

Can i use the Developer studio then to create apps for WP7702 module?

Yes, but for old fw only

is it a common problem regarding USB and Linux via VMWare? what would be the solution?

it should be something like this, the driver should be generic one:

The guy changed the mangOH, after that it works. For my case, this is a new yellow mangOH brought it from digikey.

The hardware should be fine as you can see it in device manager

Why don’t you use windows to control the uart console?

i c. that means am i able to build the apps in Linux and control the CF3 module via windows? Will the app work?

However, I getting this error

once I try to install


you might see these links:

thanks, almost done to start creating apps. Here I cannot create a new system, no pop-up menu is coming now. It was shown at the beginning.

My current view of VS code

how about Cntl + Shift + P and choose create new system (Legato/System:New)

I have got this message but nothing in the legato view

No, i have it


can you help to have simple apps to print “hello world”. Sorry I am not good with coding. Just need to test whether the whole system works or not.