No Target Management devices with DS 3.6 (SL6087)

Hi all,
I recently received the development KIT and trying to start developing my first HelloWorld app, but I cannot see my device/port listed neither into the “auto detect” view (during project creation) nor into the “devices” view (of the dev perspective). I found someone whose had the same problem on windoss 7 but nothing about using Ubuntu (14.04)
Actually I can reach the device trough minicom and send it AT command successfully. Can anyone please help me to solve this issue?

Please note that on Linux, your user needs to belong to the dialout group in order to access to the serial ports.

Hi daav,
thanks for your answer… I solved by myself by setting 777 rights for the /dev/ttyS0 virtual device. Anyway, I will follow your advice, cause I think it’s the right way to operate

Many thanks