Network specific ring problem

We use SL6087 modems on two different networks. On the one network, the devices have will not always play the ring tone for an incoming call. This behavior started recently. We are on FW 7.52. The problem occurs even when our app is stopped. You can call the device twice and everything will work. On subsequent calls, only a beep, or no ringtone is played. +CRING is however always sent by the device, auto-answer works and the call is set up correctly.

To ensure that it is not something we set, I reset the factory defaults (AT&F0) and stopped the app (AT+WOPEN=0)



How can I get more information in order to assist the network engineers? Any other ideas what might be causing this?

We reported the problem to the network provider and they manage to fix it. I don’t have any feedback on what the root cause was, but I will update this thread if I do hear something.

A big thank you to the Sierra Wireless South Africa team for their assistance in proving that it was a network related fault.

To create various spanning-tree examples for the separate VLANs or at least for the ones creating you the most problem. This way the spanning tree will stop different ports at the VLAN level…so it will be delivering on some VLANs but the block on others.