need help in browsing web using M1306B modem

HI… :smiley:
i am working with M1306B modem…actually everything is working properly means…
i get connected to gprs,connection starts,i get an remote IP adress but what to do after the???/
means which cammands i need to send to acsess web?after getting connected??
plz help me :question:

are you using at commands? or open at application?
if you use at commands (and yout have wip stack) you can use the at+wipcreate to connect to a server
and the at+wipdata to enter data session

after that whatever you type is sent to the server
you must usee the GET command, i don’t know much about it, it is a http command, after usint it correctly the server will sent to you the html code of the page you have requested with the get command

HTTP Made Really Easy:

Also read the section on the WIP HTTP Client in the WIP Manual, and see the example in the examples section…