Need help? c885 problem


Help me, my usb modem compass 885 can be turned on only for maximum 3 seconds long, then it will switch to airplane mode automatically. I wonder if is this problem can be fixed …

I’ve already upgrade firmware with (md5hash, firmware version) below:

00672048a734d27f5a51086f797e16c9 *J1_0_1_31BT_J1_0_1_33AP-v1.exe
00672048a734d27f5a51086f797e16c9 *J1_0_1_31BT_J1_0_1_33AP-vie.exe
04591ee3ac68750c92ebd234d9728234 *J1_0_1_31BT_J1_0_1_32AP.exe

but problem still hang around. i’m using 3g watcher 2523.

Then I sniffed AT!GSTATUS? (see attachment) every 0,5 seconds for about 4 seconds when i got connected …
Hope anyone can comment me on this, what happen at 4 seconds? has my c885 broken already ?
Then i should buy a new one …:slight_smile: