Stall during HIP reprogram

I am developing an application for in-circuit firmware reprogramming of the MC8790 and MC5728 modem modules via HIP messages. I am able to successfully reprogram a modem but I am having intermittent failures at random points during Application firmware updates. They are more frequent when the application is running slowly due to debug traces, etc. At best, my software performs updates at least 2x slower than the Dev Board and PC due to limitations of our hardware and software.

According to USB analyzer traces, all is well until the MC8790 stops communicating during the firmware download process (usually about ¾ of the way through a 15 MB file, but the failure point varies). The USB host controller then starts trying to clear the endpoints but never receives any response from the modem. I cannot communicate with the modem again until it has been power cycled.

Any ideas to debug this behavior? I can provide USB traces or more information if necessary.



I guess you can try changing to some other host controller and check if it is working. You may
be also facing an zero packet issue i.e. you may receive an USB packet that is a multiple of 64 and
your drivers may not handle it properly and also CnS data payload is too small ,so USB controller
would face difficulties in processing it, may be try increasing it to 1900 bytes.