Need a contact within Sierra Wireless Development

Hello! We are one of 3 vendors licensed by Microsoft to manufacture a secure USB flash drive that BOOTS WIndows Embedded Standard from the drive. We have several customers trying to use the device with phones or aircards from different vendors, and in all cases, the software shows that it comes from Sierra Wireless.

The Sierra Wireless installer installs a low-level USB filter driver which causes our device to fail, probably because it is not expecting the OS to be booted from a USB flash drive. We need to work with the developers to ensure that it will work with our device.

Ron LaPedis
rlapedis (at) spyrus (dot) com

Unfortunately, SiWi is one of those companies that does not engage via its user forum.


You’ll need to seek-out contact details via the main website or, perhaps, your local distributor.!/SierraWrlssHelp