Older device W802 overdrive pro firmware

I do not see this firmware in the list of Available Packages, is there an archive that will have this link ?

The best way is to contact your distributor :wink:


Hi thanks for the reply, by distributor you mean the company I bought them from? they are asking me to fix there bad software devices so they do not have any firm or loader for these if that is what you mean, or am I misunderstanding you?

yes, by distributor I mean from whom you bought this device…

You can do one more thing, you can check Sierra Wireless distributor near to your area from their website…


HI thanks for the answer, my local distributor does not have records of that devices existence with regard to any firmware or tools, that is why I was asking here, but I did manage to pull full firmware from that device and compile a loader without any help from sierra (thanks seirra), I would think if its such an old device that no one cares about they would have an archive for it for company’s that refurbish and such and not keep it out of reach like they do. But thank for the suggestions.