Multiple module firmware update

Hi everyone

is there any chance to execute a parallel firmware update on Windows using fdt2.exe on multiple modules at once?
I see it is doable under Linux using swiflash where one can specify multiple USB ports, but do not see this option for FDT under Windows.
Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you

From the application note below, I don’t see it can specify the com port number:

Hi @Wiviacom

You can use “fdt2.exe -h” for a full list of available FDT options and version information.
Please try it with "fdt2.exe -f <spk file> -usbport # -usbhub # -multi"

-usbhub [hubnumber]
Restrict devices to this USB hub number.
-usbport [portnumber]
Restrict devices to this USB port number.

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Hi Donald

Thanks for your suggestion. Where can I get fdt2.exe please? I can only find fdt on Sierras website. Please advise. Thank you

Hi @Wiviacom

You can get fdt2.exe here

Countless thanks Donald.

One more questions please: I am trying to figure out, what should be used as USB port number in this case? I am trying to use either the Loc ID from usbview.exe software or COM port number. None of them is working. Any thoughts please? THanks

Hi Wiviacom,

USB port number is modem port in Sierra Wireless WWAN Modem.
For example: usbport is 246
fdt2.exe -f WP76xx_Release16_GENERIC.spk -usbport 246 -multi