Any chances to get fdt2.exe firmware update protocol?

Hello All.

Perhaps it’s one of the most odd topics.
I have the following problem.

I developed a provisioning/commissioning Windows application for WP7702-based FX30(s) devices which runs fdt2.exe if firmware update is necessary. Normally, running fdt2.exe requires elevated rights.
The whole thing is supposed to run on Windows machine in the production environment, where no admin rights possible. Moreover, there’s no chance to enable those rights even temporarily for that application (a lot of fights with local IT made my hair grey).
So the question is, would it be possible to get fdt2.exe firmware update protocol in order to implement it in my application?
Or is there an alternative way for local FW update given the fact there’s SSH session to the device?

many thanks in advance

you can transfer the FW to module’s /tmp folder by SCP protocol and then login to module’s console by SSH.
After that , you can type “fwupdate download /tmp/xxx.spk” to update FW.

Or if you can switch the PC to linux, then you can use swiflash:

Another way is to use virtual machine linux PC in your Windows PC, with target management tool, you can update the FW by modules’s USB ECM IP address

Thanks a lot @jyijyi ! How could I miss fwupdate tool…
Works perfectly now.