Multi-application&Hello_World&Serial Comm

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I have a question about “multi-application”. What’s it? It means that we can load more than one application to the module? I have Q2687 and it has WIPSoft inside. I want to load another application, for example the sample “Hello_World”… Is it possible to load it and both WIPSoft and Hello_World operates at the same time or the device allows to operate only one application at a time?
And another question is about that sample program “Hello_World”. We open it from the project wizard and “eclipse” compiles it, builds it and then when we run it. The application only displays “Hello World from…” for several times. But we can see it only in terminal emulator screen. We want to see it from the hyper terminal, how can it be possible?
And last quesiton is about the serial part… Is there anyone who has a sample related with serial part of this Q2687, for example a sample program that forwards the data from GPRS to the serial port of the Q2687?
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Sort of.
But all the “applications” have to be built together in one project, and downloaded together in one operation.
Have you looked at the description provided in the HTML file for MultiApp?

If you look at the descriptions of the other samples, you will see which ones use MultiApp, and what they use it for.

As WIPSoft is direct from Wavecom, I’m not sure if it might be a special case - but, in general, No you cannot have two applications loaded at one time.

However, you can build you application with the WIP Library if you need to use the WIP functions…

See the instruction in the Tools Manual about the Development Toolkit - you would need to use the ‘External Com’ facility…

I don’t know of a sample, but you will need to use FCM - the Flow Control Manager

FCM is used for sending & receiving data on the serial port (UART); then you can use WIP to send and receive data over GPRS…

It isn’t - see: search.php?keywords=WIPSoft+is+just+like+an+OAT+application+&terms=all&author=wismo_coder&sc=1&sf=all&sr=posts&sk=t&sd=d&st=0&ch=300&t=0&submit=Search

Dear awneil,

I couldn’t find either MultiApp Library or any documents related with it… I have wavecom CD came with the starter kit but it does not include MultiApp HTML file, where can I find it?

The other thing is what is the “external COM facility”, could you please explain more…

And the last thing is that FCM, flow control manager, how can find it? Could you please give me a link to download that FCM if you have?

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You have to install it first!

Once installed, you will have a folder structure such as


each sample application has a subfolder of its own, and includes an HTML file describing it; eg,


There is also a subfolder of Libraries:


You can find MultiApp in here:


As I said, you need to read the Tools Manual; once you’ve installed the tools, in will be in a path similar to:


You need to read the ADL User Guide; again, once you’ve installed the tools, in will be in a path similar to:


It is an integral part of Open-AT - no separate download is required.

Thank you very much awneil, I found the documentsi they were very helpful…

But, I tried today multi-application stuff but I couldn’t do what I want. I want to associate, for example, two samples from the CD(hello_world&telemetry) and then compile them and load them to the device. I didn’t knot how to do it, so I could not associate them anymore.It would be very helpful if you could provide me an example using(for example) tcp server and tcp client examples association with multi-application library or any two examples you wanted to.

Thank you awneil…

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I think you are trying to run before you have learned to walk.

Get yourself familiar with Open-AT and the applications as they stand before you start trying to do this!

Could you please tell me how to get familiar with open at; with these samples it’s not possible I think… Any documentation, I couldn’t find on the wavecom web site about this… Thank you awneil…

You need to read the Tools Manual (see earlier posts) - it walks you through the process of creating or opening a project, building, downloading and running.

Then look at the sample applications: I suggest that you avoid the ones with MultiApp to start with - it just complicates things unnecessarily.

If you really can’t get anywhere with that, then you need to take a taught class - or maybe ask your distributor to help

For Wavecom Open-AT courses, see: … University