Multi_app - Is it really necessary?

Hello All.
I’m using Q2501B and ADL and saw many examples that use “multi_app” library to create multi-tasks for GPS, IOs, etc, etc, etc…

But, without “multi_app” I can create many callbacks that returns events like Timers (adl_tmrSubscribe), IOs (adl_busSubscribe), GPS (adl_gpsSubscribe) and others. I verified that that these callbacks work simultaneously, in a multi-task environment.

Am I correct?
Is “multi_app” really necessary to create a real multi-task environment?

Comments will be welcome.

Odilon Ferreira


my opinion is that MultiApp is pretty much useless. You can achieve everything your application needs to do without MultiApp. And I don’t think using it simplifies the code of the application. So it’s an example and may be good as that, but for a real application you won’t need it…

That’s just my opinion. Maybe I just didn’t understand the benefits of MultiApp…

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Just to join u in necessity of multi-app that i’ve not understand.

i hope that one can explain us