Interrupt ISR


I would like to know, if it possible to use this funcion
adl_tmrSubscribe (FALSE, 10, ADL_TMR_TYPE_TICK,ChargerConnected);
in a interrupt service routine. Because it doesn’t work.

Thank you.


as you can read in the documentation, no you cant for a low-level interrupt…

but why use a low-level interrupt?
will the (up to) 18.5 mullisecond delay cause problems?

That is really uninformative!

You need to describe precisely what does happen - in particular, what result code does adl_tmrSubscribe return :question:


My problem is: when I received an external interrupt, I want to call a function, but it doesn’t work, because after entries in the interruption, nothing else happen. Then I tried to send a adl_msgSend but my application is no multitasking, then I think it isn’t possible to use this function.

I don’t think that the application needs to be “multitasking”?

However, since all the examples that illustrate adl_msgSend are (I think) multitasking - why don’t you start with that?
It’s always best to start with something that you know does work!
Then, once you know you’ve got your message-passing working, you can try to adapt that to a single-task application.

Alternatively, you could try using an Event instead of a message?
Or maybe use a global flag, and a timer to “poll” it?