How to creat a sample project used basic library?

In M2MStudio 1.1.2.I can create an ADL project(new -->open at project),and used a sample project like “hello world”.but I can not change the library ,whick default setting is ADL.How can i creat a project used basic library?thanks !

The so-called “basic” API is no longer supported - and hasn’t been for years!

thanks awneil!

the basic library have a good multi-task environment!and the ADL is a signle task:(

ADL now has “multi-tasking” features - have you checked the current ADL User Guide?

Q26’s ADL is multi-task,but Q24 is not ? I use Q24pl002.

For a definitive answer, speak to your Distributor (or FAE) - but, yes, I think multi-tasking was introduced after the last ADL version that’s compatible with Q24…