MS Visual Studio 2005


I am attempting to use MS Visual Studio 2005 (express) instead of eclipse (because I don’t think eclipse is working properly yet).

After a bit of messing about (using tips from this forum) everything works except for the generation of .wks files (in fact any build info for TMT).

I get the following warning during an RTE build (which I guess is the cause of the issue)

Any ideas?

No, that’s not the cause - I get exactly the same with Visual Studio 2003. :frowning:

This is a bug introduced in the Wavecom build system for v3.12 :angry:


Any other ideas for a solution?



For information - I found that everything worked following a re-install of OAT 4-24



Hi, to run your project in visual studio 2003/2005 you need to select “wismo target”. By default, visual studio selects Debug.

No, that is not true - certainly not for VS 2003.

That is true - but the Debug target works fine for me!