MQTT client implementation on RV50X

I need to implement a MQTT client on a RV50X able to handle Qos level 1
I have read the example detailed here :
but apparently , this client is only able to handle qos level 0. Is that right ?

Has anybody experimented other clients implementation , able to deal with qos level 1 ?

I found several lua implementations of lua clients :

would they work on RV50X ? if yes can someone be kind enough to explain me how to compile them in Aleos dev studio (they have dependencies, c files …) .
thanks in advance for your kind support.


Hi @olivier.beon

Yes, it is. PULLBACK has not been implemented.
elseif (message_type == MQTT.message.TYPE_PUBACK) then
print(“MQTT.client:parse_message(): PUBACK – UNIMPLEMENTED --”) – TODO

@rjacolin Can you please provide mqtt_library.lua with QOS level 1?

Please refer to file in the source code. It contains instructions on how to install and run tests on these source codes.

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Hi @Donald

Is there a way to implement this with Sparkplug B? I initially tried to compile C with Lua into a Shared Object (.so) file but Aleos seems to only import .lua files into the hardware. I currently use a LS300, but will also be using RV50 and RV50X later on.

Hi @josiah.regencia,
At the gateway’s perspective, it supports MQTT client communicating with the MQTT server. You can try the architecture topology if your MQTT server supports to collaborate with Sparkplug B.

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