Questions about what I can run on AirLink gateways


I’m trying to figure out whether I can compile and run arbitrary code on the LS300 and/or RV50. I have a Lua app written to work with the ALEOS AF, but I’m trying to determine if I can compile a binary and deploy it via AirVantage to my gateway. I feel like I’m missing something, and I feel a little like I’m drowning in terminology. (AirLink, ALEOS, AirVantage, etc.) I’d love some help understanding the ecosystem for these gateways.

Our app is used to control LED signs for transit arrival information. What I’d love to do is deploy a Mono or .NET Core app, compiled and bundled for the Linux distro on the gateway device, communicating through the AirVantage MQTT broker.

I hope to talk soon. Thanks in advance!