MP70 Location Output

I seem to be having a problem with the MP70 location output - every time the modem loses LTE connectivity it stops sending out anything to the server.

The server application is running on a device which is connected via WIFI on a reserved IP address. The configuration is set to send as UDP in unreliable modem (I’m not concerned about a few lost positions).

Is there a reason that it wouldn’t restart the service? It appears when I access the configuration and change the IP address to another address and then switch it back it seems to be functioning again. And this is without restarting the application on the attached device.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @nicholas.hutt,

Which ALEOS firmwere are you using? If you are not in the latest firmware(, please download the latest one and retry.

In case you still face this issue on the latest firmware, Could you please provide your Wi-Fi and Location configuration on ACEmanager?