MP70 Download speed?

We currently have approx. 30 MP70’s connected to ATT Firstnet Program. Each device is set to the same configuration. Speed tests show we are only downloading at 6-10Mbps…Is this normal, seems it should be much faster.


According to SierraWireless_AirLink_MP70_Datasheet.pdf and 4119008_AirLink MP70 Hardware User Guide_r8.pdf: Peak D/L (Mbps) is 600 Mbps downlink speed over LTE Advanced Pro. The MP70 is also FirstNet Ready™ with support for 700MHz Band 14, and support for priority and pre-emption for first responders. The FirstNet performs 25%+ faster than any commercial network.

4119008_AirLink MP70 Hardware User Guide_r8.pdf (1.7 MB) SierraWireless_AirLink_MP70_Datasheet.pdf (1.2 MB)