Minimal hardware for use of Lua.

I’m looking at building a low-cost embedded function. I’d like to use Lua inside the modem, or possibly inside a very nearby single-chipper providing CAN, Ethernet, AtoDs and so on. Maybe both options as different models.

I’m evaluating the SIMCOM modems SIM5218 and SIM5320, but we’d all be a lot happier using a Sierra Wireless product. There’s no comparison in the development environments.

But… SW seems to be talking of Lua as something which runs only on ready-built gateways. I was hoping to be able to install my s/w inside a modem module itself, as the SIMCOM track seems to offer.

So my questions are:

  1. What is the up-front cash cost of hardware and software needed to get one Lua-capable hardware lump on the desk in front of me running “hello world”?

  2. What is the minimum Sierra Wireless hardware I can run the resulting app on - do I have to keep buying gateways, or can I install it in something more recognisable as a modem module. If so, which module(s) ? :slight_smile:

  3. How much of the wondrous stuff that S.Wireless have done to enhance Lua ( eg threading ) can be re-used on, say, a Freescale Kinetis K60 with an elua port?? Is any of it locked to your hardware, either technically or commercially?

OK - I think light is beginning to dawn.

The SIMCOM thing runs Lua inside the modem module. It’s quite limited, but an interesting option.

I get the impression now that the Airlink unit is actually a Linux computer paired with a modem module, and the Lua runs on the external microprocessor… I need to go and find someone who can confirm or deny that.

Hi dexdyne,

What about a cheap AirLink FXT009 gateway for your use case? Have a look at Drago (ljweko on this forum) his Lua simple application on the blog

Feel free to contact him on the forum.

I know we have others Lua developers around on Open AT modules and gateways too!

Hope it helps,