mingw/mak - Permissions Denied

Hello Everyone,

I am new to OpenAT (currently using 1.02.03) and have been trying to compile the Hello_World example using Eclipse. When trying to Build(RTE) I get the following error:

Loading Open AT IDE…
Loading project settings…
Updating Hello_World.mak file from Software Common Settings…
awk: /cygdrive/C/OpenAT/IDE/IDE/1.02.03/bin/wmtxtpp:39: fatal: cannot open file mingw/mak/gen.mak' for reading (Permission denied) awk: /cygdrive/C/OpenAT/IDE/IDE/1.02.03/bin/wmtxtpp:39: fatal: cannot open filemingw/mak/options.mak’ for reading (Permission denied)
awk: /cygdrive/C/OpenAT/IDE/IDE/1.02.03/bin/wmtxtpp:39: fatal: cannot open file mingw/mak/customer.mak' for reading (Permission denied) awk: /cygdrive/C/OpenAT/IDE/IDE/1.02.03/bin/wmtxtpp:39: fatal: cannot open filemingw/mak/mingw_Hello_World.mak’ for reading (Permission denied)
Building mingw_Hello_World project…

Launch a full library or binary process

make: …/mak/gen.mak: Permission denied
make: *** No rule to make target `all_clean’. Stop.

I have tried the following with no results:

  • unistalled and install the development environment
  • mkgroup, mkpasswb
  • cp .bashrc .bash_profile

Anyone has any idea what may be the cause of this problem?



Has anyone used Netbeans as IDE for wavecom modules?


MinGW are used to port Unix software to Windows

Your computer might consists of something which is used in UNIX platform, so it has not installed properly. so uninstall those and try to install, this problem occur only when there is a problem while installing.

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