Messages between SwiLog and MC7710

I’ve installed a serial port monitor to grab the messages between SwiLog application and MC7710, but they aren’t in text format.

Are there any documentation that explains the format of this messages in hexadecimal format?

I’ll use MC7710 in a device without any kind of Operating System, so it would be great understand those messages in order to comunicate with module in the same way.



Just to remind, SwiLog is used to capture FW log from MC7710 and for Sierra Wireless to analyze, in normal case it is not for customer to use and to investigate.

In short, there are several ways to capture the log in your case, either to forward the port as TCP/IP port (refer to remserial on Linux) to a desktop PC (which SwiLog is running), or we can send a filter and then capture the raw data on your embedded device.

Maybe you can contact your FAE/distributor to get the tools bundled in Linux SDK for reference?