Instable operation MC7710 at Windows 10 (Embedded)

Dear all,
my name is Manuel and I’m an employee at EKF, an European manufacturer of industrial microcomputers. We use the MC7710 in one of our applications to send status information from the field to the head quarter and software updates to the devices. Unfortunately this is just the plan, because we goe various problems, error messages and strange behavior with the modules. We own twenty of them until yet.

We included the bunch of problem in a PDF, unfortunately I can’t upload it. Is there another way to supply it? E.g. via dropbox link?

The module we used for the summary is:
sierra wireless: MC77101101363
part number: 358178040654115
firmware: SWI9200X_03.00.08.02AP R3715 CA
GUID: 8186577A-F421-44FF-88E8-8C3545DDDE9C
Device drivers: Generic_M2M_DriverSetup_Build4464; AirCard Watcher Build 3507; also see attached picture

Will be nice to hear if somebody can help to get the boards in stable operation.

By the way: We used them for one year under linux with problems. Unfortunately we don’t summarize them. so there seems to be a problem with the module or the firmware I fear.

We know also ordered the MC7304 module for further tests.


Dear all,

I attach the content of the PDF-file as pictures and hope somebody can help us. Please keep an eye at the number of pages at the pictures. I have to separate them into three postings.


Second three pages.

Third step of files.


Hello again,

I saw that we’ve generated some results from test of MC7304:


  • no issues


  • After startup two Mobile network interfaces appear (instead of one). It seems that it randomly select a provider. This process takes some seconds. Sometimes it selecting Proximus, however no connection (see attachment):
    • It seems that it is not possible to connect (it seems not searching for another provider)
    • After waiting for a long time, no other provider is selected
    • The only way that another provider is selected seems switch off/on the system

Note: Proximus is a Belgium provider, and as far as we know not active in The Netherlands. We are not really that close to Belgium.

Maybe this will help to understand.