Get network values from MC7710

Hi all,

Is it possible to obtain layer 3 messages from MC7710 modules?

And some network parameters such as Frame Error Rate, Spreading Factor Downlink, Signal to Interference Ratio, SQI, RRC State, Time Advance, and so on…?

If it is not possible, is it possible reprogramme the module in order to get these information?

Thanks in advance.



What About AT!GSTATUS? command…

Unfortunately this command doesn’t give me all values I need.

Then you need QxDM Professional™ QUALCOMM eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor…

Thanks karasekpe. Where can I get that?

However, I want to use MC7710 like a embedded module in my device and I don’t have a Operating System there. I use a CPU connected directly to MC7710. In this case, without using QxDM, how can I get all information that I need from module?

Sorry, then I have not sufficient experience. Maybe this post has some hint how to get it:

I’ll analyse. Many thanks :slight_smile: