Memory Flash and Ram


I work on a Airlink LS300.

In my LUA program, I only use the RAM memory.
But I would like to save 1 file per day in the memory flash.

My question is :

       - Is it the same to do 4000 write or 1 write of 4000 lines to save once a day a file with 4000 lines in flash memory ?
       - What is the lifespan of flash memory if once a day we save 1 file of 4000 lines ?

Thank you in advance for your answers



It is definitely better to do 1 write of 4000 lines than the other way around.
It is better to write to flash with the minimal frequency.

For the second question, it also depends on the quantity of data stored in each line , but with 4K lines / day I think it can grow quite fast!