Flash Object Wear Levelling and Write Erase Cycles

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been trawling the SiWi forums for information regarding use of the Flash objects in the embedded Chips.
So far from what i’ve read they do have built in wear levelling and are good for a minimum of 100,000 reads per block.

My flash objects consist of 920 bytes in mainly 32 byte pieces for a single flhsubscribe. In Dev Studio it tells me in the memory mapping that 384KB is used for flash objects of the 8192KB total memory.

My questions is:
This 384KB, does the flash object specific wear leveling operate inside 384KB of static memory? Or is 384KB just the limit on max flash objects and therefore exists anywhere on the actual memory.

And on a side, is my maths correct in thinking that if i have 920bytes then i can say:
(384kb / (mem in use)) * (min guaranteed writes) = (minimum expected life)?

Then from that number I can divide by time between reads to get a real world expected lifetime.

Many thanks for any thoughts

hope below link will help you :slight_smile:



Hi Rex_alex,

Seems my forum trawling isn’t up to scratch yet.
Thanks for the pointer, that article does seem to sum it up!