HL series flash wear

Some commands like AT+CGDCONT, +KBNDCFG and SSL certificates are saved into the device non-volatile memory. Does it hurt to write these commands at every bootup, or will this cause wear? Will it also write to flash when the value has not changed?

I’m asking because reading the installed certificates and then checking if they match with the ones in my host microcontroller (and updating when needed) is taking a relatively large amount of RAM, which I don’t have. It’s easier to just write them at every bootup. But when the memory is erased and then written at every certificate write this will cause a lot of wear. I have a device that boots up a lot (every hour).

Flash is generally around 100k cycles (or more).
Even if (worst case) the exact same sector was erased and written to with each write, that gives you at least 11 years life. Flash fails with stuck bits and data retention. Data retention is the first mode of failure, so if you only need it to store for an hour you will get far more than 100k cycles.

In reality the file system spreads the wear out over the flash, meaning you get a lot more than that anyway.
Writing every hour will not cause significant wear.