MC8790V Inquiry before buying

Hello ppl.

While searching for an embedded solution with a pcie interface I came across the MC8790V.

My current doubts, since I seem unable to find this information, are regarding the voice support.

I’ve read on a pdf that all sierra voice supported modems have analog and digital audio support.
My target OS(Operating System) is linux based.

Regarding the analog audio, how is this delivered, some pins on the pcie card which will allow for a microphone and a speaker to be connected? Secondary audio card at the OS level through the drivers?

Regarding the digital audio, how is this delivered to the OS? Do I need to read/write to a /dev/ttyUSB* descriptor? Secondary audio card at the OS level through the drivers?

Thanks in advance,
Pedro Algarvio.

Hi Pedro,

There are both analog(mic/speaker) and digital(pcm) interface available on the connector, the pin information is available in product specification.

Interface can be switched and controllable based on AT command send thru the AT endpoint (/dev/ttyUSB*) by host application.
There are also list of audio command for you to fine tune the audio available in SierraWireless doc.

Believe you can get further information thru your distributor or FAE.


First of all Thank You!

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the specific information on the site, my guess is that the information required will be made available on device purchase?
By connector you mean? UART? USB?

The documentation regarding the AT commands I did found and downloaded it.

Anyway, my actual doubt is, the analog audio will be made available through some pins on the pcie board right?
And the digital audio, how is it exposed to the OS? An extra ttyUSB on the system which I’ll be responsible for reading/writing to it? An extra audio card on the OS?

Anyway, Thanks!

Hi Pedro,

You are welcome and apologize if I am not clear enough in my first response.

The connector I mentioned is the pcie interface, which is the main hardware connection we can found on the MC card.

Both analog and digital audio is available on specific pins on pcie, what we have to do is to use AT command to enable the audio function we wanted. For the hardware characteristic of these audio interface, pin assignment, etc, I believe you can get enough information in the product specification doc.

Upon power up and attach of module, several ttyUSB will be enumerated on the host OS and there are one dedicated ttyUSB that responsible to handle all AT commands.

If you wish to use analog or digital audio, the host must also have relevant capability and configuration done on host hardware and OS.

Hope I make it clear enough.
And kindly check if you can get the product specification from the distributor or FAE.