MC7710 pin definition



  1. Where can I get pin definition (description) for MC7710?
  2. Will it be enough to connect only USB without PCI Express port?
  3. What pins I need to connect for MC7710 working?

Where can I get Product Technical Specification & Customer Design Guidelines for MC7710?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


This isn’t exactly what you are looking for, but may help:


Is this document suitable for MC7710? I can’t see it in document list Table 1-1. What analog I need to look with the same connector?


The connector layout is the same for all , the difference you need to be aware of if the MC card is supporting audio . this might be the only issue


Like I understand MC7710 doesn’t have sound interface. But like I know it is based on Qualcomm MDM9200 which can use voice functions. I think it will depend on firmware.


On The LTE products they might not bring out the audio onto the PCIE even if the chip set has the pins available at the moment as to my understanding LTE itself does not have audio in the spectrum, i could be wrong . keep your eye on the V at the end of a part number ie MC8792V the V stipulates audio line being brought to the PCIE connector.


You see, like I understand for voice functions you need hardware driver, processor, chip for converting voice analog signals to digital signals and after that to PCI Express protocol.

So voice modems has two chips, or more, one for wireless connectivity, one for voice conversion and maybe some others for voltage monitoring.

Like I understand MC8792V has USB hub chip and usb sound card, because it main processor gives only analog voice inputs and outputs.