Voice Call(Audio)data over USB

Currently i am using MC 8090 Modem and trying to capture voice call(audio)data over USB.
ANY idea on doing the same


There are two variant of MC8090.
One supports PCM audio and one supports UART on specific pins, it does not support audio over USB.

Please refer to doc below for more info about the pin assignment:

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply.
Yes there are two varients one which supports PCM and other which support UART
but i have connected MC 8090 to host controller over USB so i was wondering If i could actually
get Audio call Data over USB itself as modem itself creates 4-5 USB ports I thought one of the port would be for capturing voice call (audio) data.
Kindly clarify if any way round doing the same.

Hi sarang,

There’s a well prepared document describe the USB interface:

However, none of these endpoints on MC8090 supports audio over USB…
Instead, they should be:
-FW log

Instead, some specific modules supports Audio over USB, e.g. MC73xx…

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the details and clarifying the doubts
I would like to know as you said MC 73xx Supports audio over USB
I also have MC7354 Modem…Can you tell me like when we make a call whether we get direct PCM
(Audio )data on any of the designated USB endpoint.correct me if I am wrong

also let me know the exact sequence of capturing the same


For MC73xx, please refer to related USB doc:

Actually, it is standard Audio over USB and on enumeration, a sound device will be created on the system.
You can then use it for call.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the details