MC8790V detection issue

Hello. I have three MC8790V modules and all three have issue with detection.
First, I have plugged it into laptop’s dedicated slot for miniPCIe modems, but no new devices appear in system (Win and Linux), then I install module to miniPCIe-to-USB adaptor, connect it to PC and still no new devices (adaptor work well with MC8775V card). Looks like all three devices is dead or have strange pinouts.
Please, help me resolve this issue.

Hi @tuulemahan

Did you install the MC8790V driver on your PC?

You can get it here AirPrime MC Series Windows Drivers and Connection Manager MC8795V
USB drivers Linux DIP Software 3.6_1.7.50

Indeed, but all three modems isn’t present in “lsusb” and “ioreg -p IOUSB -l -b” output, even as unknown devices.