MC8790 default functionality mode

I have a problem with the default functionality mode (minimum) of the MC 8790.
Sierra Wireless MC 8790, unlike 8780 card, starts with the radio disabled (functionality: minimum).
I put the command AT+CFUN=1 in the modem init string: the card now start with the radio enabled (functionality: full), but sometimes the card does not get the command, and then remains with the radio turned off. You need to reset it because it can receive the command.
I use a mikrotik board RB912 con mikrotik Os version 6.
Does anyone know how to set the mode “functionality full” as default, even using another board to host the Mc 8790, such as a mini pci-e usb adapter and a software for windows?
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This depends on module configuration and host signal.
Better check with your distributor.

I checked with my distributor. He said me to update mc 8790 card to the latest firmware.
I think that the firmware loaded on the card is already the last, see attached file, please

This firmware is 3 years old (2010)…

But the issue is the configuration… not firmware itself.

I googled to search a more recent firmware, but I did’nt found it.
Do you know where can I download it?
Anyway, the configuration is showed in the attached files …

Found solution in
Sierra modems can be configured to start up in airplane mode (or low power mode). This is a state of minimum power and minimum functionality.
To disable airplane mode at startup, you can use the command:
and then: