MC8705 FW Upgrade


I am trying to upgrade my MC8705 (running on Linux BusyBox) to the latest FW-Version T3.5.6.7.

I found this link: MC8705-Firmware-and-drivers

My actual FW-Version:

Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
Model: MC8705
Revision: T1_0_1_1AP R309 CNSZXL00000015 2011/01/21 18:28:30
  • Bootloader firmware image: T1_0_1_1BT R309 CNSZXL00000015 2011/01/21 18:30:40
  • Application firmware image: T1_0_1_1AP R309 CNSZXL00000015 2011/01/21 18:28:30

But when I try to upgrade to the latest FW-Version T3.5.6.7, I get this error:

Error: firmware image doesn't fit for this modem
		firmware image is for type 820A
		modem is type 0xfe
		type field: 9200

It seem the modem-type is wrong!
Can anyone provide me the link to the latest FW that fits my Modem-Type?

Thank you!

Best regards

Hi antp,

The MC8705 official firmware here AirPrime MC8705 Approved FW Packages

There are two methods of upgrading a module, One-Click Tools and binary files. You can try it with One-Click Tools.

Please refer to page 6 in MC8705 approved FW T3.5.6.7 Release Note for more details.

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