MC8355-Mobile internet. Losing connection. Not reconnecting

Hi all,

We are using a MC8355 Gobi 3000 module on a Windows Embedded Standard 2007 mobile pc (in vehicle) for live tracking.
We are using the Watcher.exe application to setup and maintain connection.
The devices setup a 3G connection when powered on (auto connect) but after a period of time (e.g. 1 - 2 hours
depending on location of device) the devices lose (3G) internet connection and do not reconnect - stay offline till
next reboot.

Anyone else seen this before?
Known issue - reconnecting to 3G network after losing signal or dropping down to 2G?
Setup / profile issue? When reconnecting is there a bug issue with reconnecting using the defined / default profile?

Any help/ Suggestions appreciated.



where exactly is the device when it loses connection? reconnecting should not be an issue i guess… you probably if possible monitor the signal strength… this might be the reason…

Hi Rex_alex,

The device travels in a vehicle from a depot (with 3G signal) along a route and then back to the depot.
So even if the vehicle moves into a dead spot at the end of the day should reconnect when back at depot (good 3g signal).
Which it doesn’t do. Loses connection and doesn’t reconnect at depot.



is the auto connect feature activated?

I think we have one API AutoConnect…
probably, we need to see some connection logs to know the reason why it is failing,

Hi Rex_alex,

Yes Auto Connect enabled.
Most devices on most days reconnect OK - Intermittent problem

See below additional info we have sent to sierra wireless last week - via support ticket W152102-072314 (no replay yet)
See also watcher logs and site report document for device in a disconnected (faulted) state.
Watcher logs seem to indicate that the device is ok and connected.
e.g. Watcher 12:53:53.471 25657.330258 0x000009c4 i : WS: NetworkCapable CWirelessServicesFsm::E_NetworkAccess

[i]Attached are Sierra Diagnostic Logs, Screen shots, Site report document for 2 devices (both with the same symptoms) that had gone ‘offline’
Once the device / modem in this state the only way to restore a 3G connection is to power off the device and modem then reboot.
Restarting the host windows device does not resolve the issue (modem not rebooted). This points to a Firmware issue / setting on the Sierra Wireless modem.

Is there a setting that could cause the modem to go into an unresponsive / disconnected state?
Bug with Firmware version on the modem?

This is an urgent matter as our client is relying on the sierra wireless modems to provide live data -
so a consistent 3G mobile data connection is essential.[/i]

Also do you know if there is a UK tech support telephone number? (239 KB)
Watcher.txt (672 KB)
Watcher_ConnectionIssue_22July.docx (998 KB)