MC7305 how to disable autoconnect behaviour

hopefully someone can help me out with this problem:

We developed a connectionmanager software (manages LAN,WLAN and mobile connections) for a client who has
bunch of Fujitsu Notebooks fitted with EM7305 devices (OS is Win7 64bit).

We recently got an issue reported, that as soon as our connectionmanager creates a mobile connection,
a profile is stored on the Sierra modem - with an autoconnect flag set to true.
We work with the MS Mobilebroadband Networking API - IMbnConnection.Connect, using just temporary profile
(nevertheless even there the autoconnect flag is set to false).
After establishing the mobile connection, they disconnect mobile, shut down the computer, and
during the next start, already during BIOS boot, when windows hasn’t even completed its startup, the
modem already connects - and that with the login data we provided with our previous connection profile.

The only way they found to prevent this, is to delete the profiles using the AirCard Watcher, which we assume
deletes profiles from the modem, since deleting the Windows Mobile Broadband profiles has no effect.
And a very strange symptome - this happens only with LTE enabled SIM cards (that one keeps me totally baffled,
since I don’t make any differentiation concerning that matter in my code.)
For some reason this autoconnect profile is not created, if a connection is established just jusing the windows GUI.

So how can I turn off (or circumvent) the autoconnection? A general flag/command to turn it off, access modem profiles, anything?

Any help is highly appreciated.


Did you try with AT!SCPROF command?


Thank you for answer,

just tried it out, unfortunately the modem replies “not implemented” on profile commands.

Any other ideas maybe, I’m pretty clueless.

Two things I’m about to try,
1.) using a RAS connection instead of an MBN connection
2.) Using an MBN connection with a persistent (non autoconnect) profile, rather than a temporary profile (no idea if that has an impact on the modem#s internal profile management)