Unable to auto connect in Watcher

I am trying to set watcher to auto connect at the computer start-up. I selected “Always (even while roaming)” in the drop down box of autoconnect and clicked “Apply”, it seemed working fine. I closed and open watcher a few times and it connected to the network automatically. However, once I reboot the computer and the auto connect didn’t work and the profile changed back to “Never” at autoconnect section. I am using watcher build 3830 and MC7304 on a windows 7 machine. Does anyone have any idea why? Thanks in advance.

We are also able to see the auto connect profile display go back to “Never” after PC restart even though it was set as “Always (even while roaming)”. But at the same time our module is connected to the network automatically i.e. the ‘auto connect’ feature is working fine . It seems like some display issue…
Is this the same case at your end?

No, my case is not same as yours. The connection doesn’t proceed at all after Windows startup. Every time I had to click “Connect” button manually to connect. So I have to use Windows Dial Up connection instead of Watcher as I need the modem auto connect to the internet after startup.

I am also seeing issues with dropped connections. We recently ordered a new batch of MC8705 cards and the new cards seem to drop off the network and then fail to reconnect again.

We are using Windows 8.1 Embedded.

I have tried using the latest driver and connection manager builds which seem to address the drop off problem, however now it is no longer possible to use the windows connection manager and the Sierra Wireless connection manager displays a popup window which can’t be disabled - this is not really suitable for us in a Kiosk application.

Is there some way to disable the popup in the latest connection manager build - seems odd to not be able to do so in an embedded module.

Anyone else experience network drop off’s ? Perhaps it’s related to the autoconnect option.

Hi, I have the same problem, I select a default profile, I close the app, open it and nothing, becomes as before. Has anyone managed to solve the problem? thanks

The solution I had before was to setup a dial-up connection in Windows and use Task Scheduler to auto start dial-up connection by running cmd.exe with argument “/c rasphone -d DialupConnectionName” (replace DialupConnectionName with the name you created). It auto connects to internet when the machine startup.

However, I just bought a second Embedded PC same as before with MC7304 modern. It seems working fine with Skylight connection manager build 4130. I have run the machine for a whole day and the connection profile stays at “Always (even while roaming)” after reboot. It has not dropped connection even once. I have no idea why it did not work properly on the first machine (the first machine was sent to site, so cannot have another look at it). The only thing I can think is the MC7304’s firmware, try to update the firmware to latest and see if it makes any differences. The snapshot is attached with some details of the modern works fine.