Auto connect before Windows login

I have been tasked with implementing some new security software on a bunch of Panasonic Toughbooks running Windows 7 and using MC7355 for the wireless.

Is it possible to establish a wireless connection prior to the Windows login?
Are there some registry settings that will accomplish this?
Do I need to write a program that issues the necessary AT commands?

I greatly appreciate any assistance in this matter!

Hi guitarmike,

Do you have Watcher running?
We can enable auto connect for specific profile via Watcher:
[*]Options -> Profiles -> Autoconnect

If we configure it as enable, it should start data session automatically when MC73xx power on.
But I am not sure does it help your case, especially with timing concerns and whether MC73xx power on by default.

Also, check and make sure this is disabled:
[*]General -> Enable Airplane mode on exit

Beware of additional data usage and power consumption with these changes.

Hope this helps.

I have MC7355 AirPrime cards install in 10 of my tough books in patrol car’s. I have set the Auto connect several times and it will not hold for all user’s. With Windows 7 this seems to only follow the profile. I need auto connect to set for all user’s. Can anyone tell me where in the registry can I set this to Auto connect for all user’s?

I appreciate any assistance someone can give Thanks

I have to do something similar to what has been asked. I selected “Always (even while roaming)” in the drop down box of autoconnect and clicked “Apply”, it seemed working fine, but once I reboot the computer and the auto connect didn’t work and the profile changed back to “Never” at autoconnect section. I am using watcher build 3830 and MC7304 on a windows 7 machine. Does anyone have any idea why?

hmm the NCP VPN Client can connect to an Network. How about the new cards?