MC8355 CDMA firmware for non-US carriers

I moved to East Africa for work and I’ve been searching for a generic CDMA firmware image (similar to the included generic UMTS profile) in order to connect via EVDO to the local provider here. I’ve downloaded the SDK and have been using the included sample connection manager to determine what firmware images are included and the only CDMA profiles are Verizon and Sprint.

Currently, the card continues to inform me that it is not activated although it can detect the local EVDO network and the service has been activated and provisioned by the carrier using its ESN-equivalent ID.

How do carriers develop firmware images specific to their networks and how can I assist the local carrier in developing one for theirs?

I am not sure if generic CDMA firmware exists for MC8355, but you can contact your FAE to double check.
However, you can use MC5728V as it has generic firmware version and you should be able to provision modem for any CDMA carrier.